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We are  device  developers.
Internet-of-Things. Measurement systems.
Smart homes. Wearable gadgets.
Car safety systems. Solutions for sport…

What kind of electronics do you want? We’ll  develop  it.

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Your Device begins from a bare-metal hardware
Scheme design

Analog & digital design. Sensors. Power convertors. Wireless connectivity (BLE/Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GSM etc).

PCB layout

Valid Audio & RF layouts. Any CAD and output format you want.


Supply chain & functional testing. Direct contacts with Chinese suppliers.


Converts a ‘die’ hardware into a useful Device
Firmware development

OS-less & RTOS. Any architecture (ARM, AVR, PIC, 8051 etc.) and language (C, C++, Assembler)

Build an architecture

Incorporating sensors & actuators. Adding connectivity (BLE, WiFi, Ethernet, USB, etc), security, update infrastructure.

Testing and QA

Functional & stress testing. Battery management.


Connect your Device to the World
Connecting to the cloud services

IoT platforms & Web-based applications.

PC / Mobile development

GUI & CLI. Windows, Linux, Android. Java, C++, Python.

Building device drivers

Low-level drivers & middleware.

Why us?

Team highlights

Strong team

10 years in this field
Strong scientific background
Highly skilled engineers (Ph.D., M.Sc.)

Broad experience

Transportation (Automotive, Aviation)
Consumer electronics (Wearables, Sport)
Smart devices (IoT, Smart Homes, Power Grid)

Cross-platform & cross-language

Windows, Linux, Android
C/C++, Python, Assembler, Java, SQL, PHP

Turnkey development

Turnkey development of electronic devices:
all needed Hardware, Firmware, and PC / Mobile / Cloud connection.


Well-done projects performed for industry leaders (Airbus, Bayer, Altium…)

What others say?

Client’s feedback
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Excellent engineers, truly understand the project and all potential problems, finds the solution quickly, I am very satisfied, and will hire for sure. Thank you for great work!

Ljubljana, Slovenia
Send sensor data over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to Android
Cupertino, United States

Very professional, easy to work with. Gives clear milestones and articulates possible difficulties ahead of time which makes it very easy and clear on where the project is and what decisions should be made.
Highly recommended.

Cupertino, United States
Library to process Bluetooth HFP packets
Ness Ziona, Israel

Very professional, The performance of the firmware were better than we expected. Very responsive and nice to work with. Looking forward to working together again in the future.

Ness Ziona, Israel
Network traffic simulator

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