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Technical expertise for «Revolution Key project»

Hiring from Germany Used technologies Sensor fusion, Accelerometer, PIC, Battery powered Short description This expertise belongs to the «smart house» theme. It’s a technical expertise of the device, designed for the remote control or the signalization of door-lock position, which gives a user an opportunity to remotely check up if he/she has closed the door.

Measurement of physical parameters of the archer-sportsmen

Hiring from Ukraine Used technologies Bluetooth 2.0, Atmel AVR, Accelerometer, Battery powered, Measurement generators, USB, Java Short description

Bluetooth phone book access profile implementation

Hiring from USA Used technologies C++, Bluetooth Classic, Sockets, Visual Studio, Windows, Linux Short description This project is about implementation of Bluetooth phone book access profile (PBAP) for Windows OS to using the device with Windows OS as a ‘machine’ in the Bluetooth data exchange system with other ‘devices’. This allows the headset or other familiar device to access to the connected smartphone’s (or familiar device’s) list of contacts.

Game for children — “Reaction-wall”

  Hiring from Ukraine Used technologies Arduino Mega, MOSFET Short description This is a game for children, which consists of a number of buttons and bright leds and a time/score board. The leds are turned on in a random order and the user has to push the right button — to turn the led off, game time is limited and is translated on the scoreboard. After time is up — the total scores are on the same scoreboard.